About GasNewsOnline.com

Welcome to GasNewsOnline.com!  The goal of this site is to provide interested parties with concise and relevant publicly-sourced news and information related to the ever-changing conditions in the natural gas industry.

Informational postings from interstate and intrastate natural gas pipeline electronic bulletin boards will be reviewed so that you may learn more about critical notices on the pipelines which may affect your business.

In addition, we will review some of the daily and weekly publications from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).  This includes the weekly natural gas storage report (currently updated every Thursday) along with any publicly-released regional gas pricing information provided in the EIA’s releases.

Significant changes in weather conditions often cause gas prices to move dramatically.  Included in every post will be a summation of the latest short and long-term weather forecasts for key regions courtesy of the U.S. National Weather Service and, as needed, the National Hurricane Center.

Finally, the energy sector is well known for rapidly changing business conditions.  We will review and provide headlines from key industry participants once the news is made public.

We plan is to post an update twice weekly near the beginning and conclusion of each week.  A companion audio podcast will be offered should you prefer to listen while dealing with your daily commute or at a more convenient time.

The administrator of this site has worked in the natural gas industry for well over 30 years in supply and transportation positions for gas pipelines, producers, and marketers and will endeavor to provide timely and concise in every post and podcast update.

We hope you will learn something helpful and enjoy this site.  Please tell a friend in the natural gas scheduling and transportation business about us!